Once you buy a quality rug, you can do anything to protect it! To Clean Your Rugs for a long time as it is you need to clean & maintain it properly. But it is the truth that you can’t stop your children & pets, your children will definitely spill various things over the rug daily. Pet’s hair makes your rug very dirty. Maintenance and Regular Cleaning will help to remove dust, insects & other harmful bacteria. To avoid such problems you should follow some tips Next Level FCS are here to help you!


  • You can use a brush to remove pet hairs. It is the best way removes all the hairs from your rug.
  • Various rug shampoos are available in the market, you can use it but be careful and must follow the instructions written over it.
  • Hot water can shrink & fade the color of your rug so don’t use it.
  • You can deal with mud & mild with the help of vacuuming.
  • After washing, leave your rug outdoor until it is completely dry.
  • Use a soft & clean cloth to remove stains and blot gently.
  • You can choose any professional cleaner they will help you in cleaning your costly rug.

Maintain Rug Quality in Melbourne

Most of the time self-cleaning leads to serious damage to your rug. You can clean it on your own risk but why are you taking such kind of risk? A small mistake can clean your rug; it needs some attention & precaution while cleaning. Rug Cleaning Service should be done on monthly basis. It is quite difficult because of the shortage of time. You don’t worry we will suggest you to call a professional cleaner,

Next Level Floor Cleaning Service are here you help you in a better way. We perform before & after cleaning process to maintain your rug quality.


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