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You might have noticed that your tiles get discolored after a while. And, no matter how much you scrub or clean them, they don’t seem to recover their original color. Furthermore, the grout may also become dark and dirty and it can’t be cleaned with a simple mop. Some people choose to try and clean the grout with a toothpick or a toothbrush. But that is backbreaking work and doesn’t have much impact anyway. If you really want to restore your tiles to their original state, you need to Hire A Professional Tiles and Grout Cleaning Service in Cranbourne.

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    Tiles & Grout Cleaning Packages


    • Maintenance/Refresher Clean. Recommended Every 6 months, Not recommended for stained or light colored carpets.
    • Pre- Inspection
    • Pre Spray Carpet Cleaning Solution ( Non Toxic)
    • Carpet Steam Cleaning with Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction Systems
    • Deodorising


    • For Carpet with very heavy soiling and stains, it will give your carpet a new life.
    • Pre- Inspection
    • Pre Vacuum Carpet Area
    • Pre Spray Heavy Carpet Cleaning Solution
    • Stain/ Spots Treatment
    • Scrubbing Carpet with Rotary Scrubber
    • Carpet Steam Cleaning with Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction System
    • Deodorising & Sanitizing

    General inspection of the property to determine a plan of action.

    Pre-treating of the tile and grout. An alkaline-based de-greasing solution is first sprayed on the tiles. It takes approximately 20 minutes for the floor to soak up the solution. This helps loosen all the soil and grease particles.

    Using a powerful suction machine to thoroughly clean the tile surface and the grout lines. We focus on the baseboards and the edges as well to make sure all of it is uniformly clean.

    Turbo rinsing the tiles using high pressured water to restore the original sheen.

    Engaging a speed drying process with the help of high-powered fans to dry the tiles and grout lines.

    We also provide grout re-colouring services to help add a new life and outlook to your floors.

    At Next Level, we provide a Cranbourne tile and grout cleaning service that restores your tiles to their original condition. Our expert IICRC Certified technicians first inspect your tiles to determine the best treatment process. Once we have determined a cleaning plan of action, we use specialized cleaning solutions ideally suited for your tiles. Furthermore, we use state-of-the-art technology to remove all of the dirt and grime caught in the grout as well. All of our solutions are Australian made and environmentally friendly.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How long does the carpet cleaning process take?

    Usually, the cleaning process takes approximately 20 minutes per room. However, the time varies depending on the amount of dirt and liquid spills. If the team needs to move the furniture carpet cleaning takes longer than usual time.

    2. Will carpet cleaning leave behind any residue?

    No, at Next Level Flooring Cleaning Services, we provide an eco-friendly cleaning solution that leaves no residues behind.

    3. How often should we get our carpets professionally cleaned?

    Carpets should be ideally cleaned by professionals every 12 months, depending on the level of traffic. Those households with asthma and allergy sufferers especially should ensure that professional carpet cleaning is undertaken regularly.

    4. Which methods do you use for Carpet Cleaning?

    We employ a steam cleaning method with the help of our truck mounted steam cleaning machine, along with the dry-cleaning process.

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