An upholstery adds luxury and elegance to your home. However, keeping the upholstery clean and fluffy is nothing, but a nightmare for many homeowners.

A dirty upholstery doesn’t just ruin the look of your furniture, but it can also make your surroundings unhealthy and unhygienic. And therefore, it is necessary to hire professional upholstery cleaners to make sure you get the best value on your investment.

Here are a few basic things that you can do to ensure your upholstery remains clean, fresh, soft and hygienic.

The Basic Upholstery Maintenance Tips:

  • Upholstery tends to attract dust, dead skin cells, dirt and even pet hair. Therefore make sure you vacuum the upholstery at least twice a week to get rid of all kind of dirt and dead skin cells.
  • If vacuuming is not feasible, due to time constraints you can also use a brush to simply whisk all the dust and dirt from the surface.
  • In case of an accidental liquid spill, use a couch shampoo and wet cloth to wipe off the stain. Don’t use detergent water – It damages your upholstery. And don’t forget to call a professional immediately to remove the stains.
  • Buy decorative slipcovers to provide a protective shield for your upholstered furniture, especially a sofa set. These slipcovers protect the expensive upholstery from stains and spillages.
  • It is recommended that you dry clean your upholstery or spill some fresh water and scrub the stain with a fresh, clean cloth. However, we would advise never to use such a process of cleaning without taking the necessary precautions.
  • If you have a pet, make sure you use sanitising materials and white vinegar to remove the pet urine stain and odour.
  • Moreover, pet hair leads to unhygienic couch stains and germ infections. Vacuuming will remove this hair and prevent its build up.


No matter whichever method you use to keep your upholstery clean, it is always advisable to contact a professional for all your needs.

Make sure you don’t do anything that damages the quality of your upholstery fabric permanently. Call a professional who is trained and equipped to clean the expensive and delicate, without causing any damage.