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Rugs have a way of becoming the focal point of any room. They add a touch of vibrancy, life, and color into a room, and help center it aesthetically. However, rugs are also constantly used by kids, pets, or they simply collect dust over time. As such, seeking professional Rug Cleaning Services in Cranbourne is crucial for a number of reasons.

Why we are the best Rug Cleaning Services in Cranbourne?

We are a team of highly qualified IICRC Certified individuals dedicated to ensuring that your rugs are well taken care of. Our rug cleaning Cranbourne service can meet you at your home or office address and deep clean all your rugs within just a few hours. We use a state-of-the-art truck mounted steam cleaning machine to get rid of all the allergens and germs trapped deep within the fibres of the rug. This is the same process used to clean carpets as well. As such, while you’re at it, you can also hire our Cranbourne Carpet Cleaning Service.

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    The Necessity of Professional Rug Cleaning in Cranbourne

    A lot of people assume that vacuuming a rug is enough to keep it clean. A vacuum cleaner can get rid of surface debris, crumbs, dust, pet hair, etc. However, the real health hazard lies in all of the dust and debris that’s collected within the fibers of the rug. The tight fibers of rugs can hold on to allergens, food particles, and other health hazards that can cause irritation. As such, it’s necessary to hire professional rug cleaning services every once in a while.

    Liquid spills are a common cause of discoloration on rugs. If you use the wrong treatment to try and get the stains out, you might damage the fibers further. As such, it’s necessary to hire professional rug cleaning in Cranbourne so the cause can be determined and a specific treatment can be concocted.

    • Over time, due to foot traffic, rugs lose their plush and soft touch. This leaves them hard and brittle. Hiring Professional Rug Cleaners can help restore the original softness of the rug.

    Rug Cleaning Packages

    Standard Clean

    • Maintenance/Refresher Clean. Recommended Every 6 months, Not recommended for stained or light colored carpets.
    • Pre- Inspection
    • Pre Spray Carpet Cleaning Solution ( Non Toxic)
    • Carpet Steam Cleaning with Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction Systems
    • Deodorising

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    Elite Clean

    • For Carpet with very heavy soiling and stains, it will give your carpet a new life.
    • Pre- Inspection
    • Pre Vacuum Carpet Area
    • Pre Spray Heavy Carpet Cleaning Solution
    • Stain/ Spots Treatment
    • Scrubbing Carpet with Rotary Scrubber
    • Carpet Steam Cleaning with Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction System
    • Deodorising & Sanitizing
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    Outline of steps involved in our Cranbourne Rug Cleaning service:

    Step 1

    Pre-inspection of the rug on-site by our expert Rug technician.

    Step 2

    Pre-vacuum of the rug to get rid of surface debris.

    Step 3

    Treating surface stains.

    Step 4

    Using a pre-spray conditioner.

    Step 5

    Scrubbing the rug with a soft brush.

    Step 6

    Deodorizing the rug.

    Step 7

    Steam cleaning the rug.

    Step 8

    Final inspection.

    In addition to Cranbourne, our services are also available in several other suburbs such as — Ringwood, Burwood, Balwyn, Blackburn, Brighton, Bentleigh East, Rowville, Berwick, Wheelers Hill, Black Rock, South Yarra, Doncaster, and many others. For a complete list of operational suburbs, please visit our Service Areas page.

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    Why Choose Us For Your Rug Cleaning Work?

    Innovative Methods and state-of-the-art equipment

    We adhere to the health and safety standards and use of 100% non-toxic cleaning agents

    A reliable and experienced team of cleaners to take care of all your cleaning needs

    Affordable, efficient and comprehensive rug cleaning services

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