It’s crucial to vacuum and clean your carpets regularly, that’s common knowledge. We all know that carpets can trap a lot of germs and bacteria because of their deep fibers. However, most people assume that vacuuming is enough. That can’t be further from the truth. While vacuuming the carpet does get rid of surface germs and dirt, it often can’t penetrate deep within the fibers.

This is especially true if you have kids or pets as that drastically increases the foot traffic received by the carpet. Furthermore, spills may get soaked deep within the carpet and you can’t get rid of them with a simple vacuum cleaner. Over time, these spills can lead to mold growth and become a bedrock of bacteria and allergens.

As a result of this growing cesspool of bacteria, the general atmosphere of your house is affected. You probably won’t notice it because it happens gradually. But, eventually, your atmosphere might feel stale or family members might develop unexpected allergic reactions or respiratory problems. These can all happen as a result of dirty carpets.

The only way to truly restore the health of your carpets is to seek out professional carpet cleaning services. Below are a few signs you can look out for to figure out if it’s time to get your carpet professionally cleaned.

The Carpet is Dull and Stained

If your carpet has lost its original color and looks stained — and if the original color is not restored upon vacuum cleaning — you need a professional service. A dull carpet is an indicator of germs and dirt so firmly caught up in the carpet that it gets embedded into the very fabric. Furthermore, if you try to scrub stains off on your own, you might make matters worse. Specific stains need specific treatments. Using the wrong solution or method might permanently damage your carpet.

Unexpected Allergies and Respiratory Problems

Has one of your family members unexpectedly developed an allergic reaction to something? Is someone suddenly coughing a lot or experiencing respiratory problems? Allergens like pollen and pet dander are extremely hard to get rid of. So they collect in the carpets over time. Eventually, your family members might start suffering from the symptoms. If these symptoms come up unexpectedly, you might want to get your carpet professionally cleaned.

Strange Odors

When you come into your home from the outside, does the air feel stale? You won’t notice this when you’re in the house because you’re used to it. However, you might notice a considerably difference in atmosphere when you come in from outside. Are all attempts at “airing” your house in vain? If that’s the case, the odor may be emanating from your carpet. So it’s time to get your carpet professionally cleaned.

Choose the Right Carpet Steam Cleaning Service in Cranbourne Today!

If you’ve responded positively to any of the signs mentioned above, you should get your carpet professionally cleaned today! A stale carpet can be a health hazard after all.

When you’re looking for the right Cranbourne Carpet Cleaning Service, you should consider the following factors:

  1. Are they IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration) certified?
  2. Do they have an online presence with a reliable and professional website?
  3. Do they have positive testimonials and reviews?
  4. Can they provide a reference?
  5. Are they insured?

If you find a company that can meet all of those requirements, then you’ve found your carpet cleaners!

We’d love to help you out with your carpet cleaning needs. So please contact us today and get a Free Quote!


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