Grout Maintenance is essential to make it as new, some people use re-grouting techniques or some simply apply paint over the discoloured grout, but painting the grout is not the right solution. Re-Grouting is the best idea to make it waterproof again.

The Most Common Problem That People Do While Re grouting is :

Too Much Grout

At the time of grout filling, generally, people use too many grouts for filing purpose that is not good for your grout. Using much amount of grout can take too much time in fixing & it doesn’t look well.

Incorrect Amount of Water

This is the most common mistakes that people generally do while re-grouting. They add an incorrect amount of water, if the water amount is more it results in runny grout & doesn’t fit properly. In case of less water, grouts make powder form which is also not effective. The quantity of water should be in an equal form to make your grout again as new.

Proper Mixing

Another mistake that people do while mixing the grout is people didn’t mix the grout properly, as a result, is caused by inconsistent colouring.

Grout Layering

One of the common regrouting mistakes is people didn’t layer the grouts properly, uneven filling of grout leads looks noticeable & messy, as a result, it ruins the tiles look. So, while re-grouting layering is a very important factor.

Re-Grouting is a complex process & everyone can’t do it properly. So the best option is to take regrouting services with the help of professionals.

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