People ask so many questions related to cleaning. Today I am going to discuss the very common question which people generally ask to me is what comes first dusting & vacuuming? Generally at the time of cleaning people can’t understand where they should start the cleaning process at home. You are not the single one who has this confusion; there are lots of people who don’t know exactly what they should do at the time of cleaning.

Firstly, you should start cleaning from dusting part because it is not possible to clean small dust particles if you start dusting after vacuuming then in such case dust particles will linger in the air and at the end, all the particles will again shift on the floor. So, this isn’t a good idea to do vacuuming before dusting.

Things To Remember While Vacuuming

Never Use Too Quickly: This is the very common mistakes, at the time of vacuuming never use vacuum cleaner too quickly, because if you use too quickly then dust cannot be properly cleaned.

Change The Bags: Must change the cleaning bag while vacuuming, the bag is very important for the best result, because if these bags will not change in time, then it may cause more dust in place of cleaning.

Both Directions Vacuuming: In case, you are vacuuming you’re your carpet, then must use the vacuum cleaner on both the side. Both side vacuuming is must to remove dust from the inside.

Correct Equipment: At the time of vacuuming, you need to choose the right brush or tool for better cleaning. Your incorrect selection of vacuuming tool can lead to wastage of your time & efforts.

Get Best Dusting & Vacuuming Services

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