Sometime rugs cleaning can be tricky, I have also faced lots of problems like you. Look at your dirty rug; do you really think you can clean your dirty rug? In my case, I had decided to hire a quality professional cleaner for my dirty rugs & really my decision was totally right.

Want Help To Clean Your Rugs?


Here Are Some Of The Tips For Maintaining The Rugs At Your Home:

Avoid Sunlight :

The most important thing that we do while rug cleaning is, we keep it outside for its dryness but the fact is sunlight harms, as a result, it fade its colour and fabrics due to this it becomes weak.

Pet Stains :

Pet stain is a very common problem, it needs immediate cleaning because it can damage your rugs. Therefore, always remove pet stain with the help of soft cotton & mild detergent.

Food Stains :

When you have children at home, then this is the very common. So in such case never ignore such stains because it can also damage the look & material of your rug.

Heavy Furniture :

The most common mistake, we keep it under the heavy furniture & this heavy furniture can damage your rug.

Avoid Harmful Products :

Always try to use mild products or the products which doesn’t have more chemical elements because these chemicals can cause severe damage to your health or rugs.

Clean Your Rug From Both Sides :

First side where beautiful designs & texture are a printed & second side which touch the ground. Never ignore the second part because the dust & grit stick in the inner side & can slowly damage it.

Call a Professional Cleaner :

Now a day, this is very common & everyone prefers to call a professional rather than itself cleaning. Professional Cleaners will take care of your rugs more properly.

Previous Records :

Before hiring any cleaner must check the previous records of cleaning, rating, reviews of that cleaning company. A reference check is very important before hiring any cleaning company.

Timely Cleaning :

You should maintain its cleanliness, every six months at least 2-3 times cleaning should be done.

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