We all know that carpet is the best & decorative flooring, it involves huge foot traffic, will cause your carpet looks dirty & grimy. So, its proper maintenance is very necessary to keep your carpet as it is. If you search on the internet you can find out various carpet techniques that you can do it yourself but is this really good idea?  There is various carpet cleaning myth that is available on the internet:

  • The first myth is, carpet cleaning with the help of vinegar & baking soda will remove stains but this not so true, this mixture can create peracetic acid, this can cause harmful effect &  sometimes dangerous.
  • The second myth, use of hairspray to clean the carpet but this spray can cause permanent damage & attract lots of dust & grim.
  • The third myth, you think that new carpet doesn’t require cleaning, but this is not true, new carpet also needs regular cleaning.
  • Fourth Myth, carpet cleaning with water is the best technique. No, never use regular water to clean it.
  • Fifth myth, Regular detergent can clean your carpet & remove stains but it causes damage to your carpet’s fabric & due to this it loses its shine.

What’s Next Option For Your Costly Carpet?

Don’t follow the myth! Why don’t you give this costly carpet in hands of professional? This is the healthy way to keep your carpet dirt free. We at Next Level Cleaning Services are here to give to Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Melbourne. Our products are non-toxic that doesn’t harm you & your carpet. We have IICRC Certified trainers; they all are very decent, experienced & friendly. We believe in healthy cleaning, not profitable cleaning.

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