“Bathroom Cleaning” is always the center of concern for everyone. Managing all the things is easy but maintaining the cleanliness of a bathroom a very hectic work. I mean every time when you clean your bathroom is like you wins the war.

I know what is running in your mind, why I am using this term? See bathroom is extremely the dirtiest place at home & if you are cleaning it, then chances of bacteria & germs attack are increased.

In my previous blog, I have discussed regarding House Cleaning Service. Now I think it is really important to share some of the tips related to the bathroom because your bathroom needs some sort of care weekly, once you clean your bathroom in a proper way then your half of the burden will automatically decrease.

Weekly Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Weekly Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Before starting the bathroom cleaning, must remember one thing that never uses any harmful product which can cause danger to your health. Always start cleaning from top to bottom, so that no any dust falls down on the clean surface, if you firstly clean the surface then it will double your work. Put the entire bathroom product outside so that you can clean your bathroom without any disturbance that generally occurs while cleaning. Don’t forget to clean the dust that is collected around the tube light.

It is very necessary to have fresh air in the bathroom. So, always open the window of your bathroom for passing the fresh air. Don’t forget to clean your window & mirror of the bathroom. Actually, the mirror should be cleaned on a daily basis with the help of a soft cotton towel. Clean the bathtub & shower with the help of detergent. Bathtub & shower need weekly cleaning if you ignore it, then a harsh layer of salty material fill on the shower as a result water pressure will decrease.

Weekly Cleaning of the toilet should be at the top of your checklist. Clean the toilet with the help of toilet cleaner and scrub it with a brush. After that, clean the sink you can use normal detergent for sink cleaning. At last, clean the washroom floor and don’t forget to wipe it after cleaning and do one thing more, never leave your bathroom’s floor as it is, after bathing because after some time this stored water cause sleeper floor. See I know it is difficult to do the deep weekly cleaning if you think you can’t then Choosing A Professional Cleaner would be the right choice for you.

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