Hosting a party is always fun! Describing the joy of catching up with your friend & family members and taking a break from the stressful city life is beyond words!

However, you cannot ignore the fact that such parties give you a hard time when you have to clean up the after party scenes. With so many staple options like red wine, fruit juices and other varieties of liquor, the chances of accidental spills on the carpet increases. These spills are sure to leave behind an unpleasant stain on the luxurious carpet.

The process of stain removal isn’t everyone’s cup of tea! You need professional assistance for carpet cleaning. But before that, here are some simple and quick hacks to treat the carpet if there is an accidental spill on the carpet.

Removing Beer Stains

Where there is a party, there ought to be cans of beer. When the glasses break, the beer can spill on your expensive carpet. At this point, use paper towels to blot as much liquid as possible.

Quick Solution: To remove beer stains, mix a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent and white vinegar in warm water. Apply the solution on the carpet and use a blotting paper to soak the liquid repeatedly. This will gradually lighten up the stain.

Removing Red Wine Stains

There is no way you can ditch red wine from your party menu. Although it might seem challenging to remove the red wine stains, in reality, you can lighten the stain by using water and salt.

Quick Solution: Use white blotting paper initially, then repeat the process by putting some water in it and blotting again. Now take some salt to cover up the entire area. The salt will soon absorb the red stain and turn it into pink. Thorough vacuuming by professional will help you to get rid of the salt.

Remove Coffee Stains

There will be someone in your party who will prefer freshly brewed coffee over other drinks; and when they end up spilling some coffee on the carpet, it could break your heart. But, there is nothing to worry.

Here’s a quick solution: Dab the affected area of the carpet with a piece of white cloth. Meanwhile, prepare a solution of white vinegar, water and dishwashing liquid soap and apply it on the stain. Keep repeating the process until the coffee stain gets lighten.